Expert Service Locating MethodsNot too long ago, companies had to dig at a number of locations in order to identify whether or not any underground utilities such as gas pipes, water lines, sewer lines or pipes and cables were present on their properties.

This meant countless of hours were wasted and the property suffered unnecessary damage. Gone are the times of traditional methods and old school techniques for underground utility locating. We bring some of the latest methods and technologies, all of which play a major role in helping you avoid potential problems.

Top of the Line Utility Locating Services

Underground utility detection is mainly carried out using two processes. One consists of electromagnetic technology whereas the other is the ground penetrating radar procedure. Firstly, we scan the specified area with radar and make use of radio detection systems. What we aim to do is identify the types and placements of these underground utilities which is necessary if any sort of damage to them is to be avoided.

Electromagnetic detection of underground services is the most accurate process to locate underground cable and pipes. The process revolves around a number of ground-based functions which are all capable of detecting gas, electrical, cable, water and telecommunication lines.

State of the Art Equipment

Our high-tech and modern machinery enables us to locate all traceable services underground with confidence. We utilise multiple technologies and in-house tools that make us the best at what we do and give us the best results. Our methods are tried, trusted and proven.

Fully Qualified Personnel

We have a team which is highly qualified, well-versed and equipped with all the knowledge on service & utility locating. With dedicated and hard working staff we have been extremely successful throughout our 12 years in service, with a long list of satisfied customers.

Certified and Insured

Our company is accredited by Telstra and fully insured. The results and reliability of our services goes unquestioned and we assure you won’t be able to find a more diligent and experienced underground utility locator throughout Australia than us.

So for all sorts of underground utility locating projects, Expert Service Locating is your number one source. Contact us now at 0420-346-477 and acquire our services!

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