Vacuum Excavation


A vacuum excavator is a construction vehicle that is gaining momentum as a non-intrusive way for excavating many materials such as damaged concrete, broken reinforced steel and rods as well as cleaning pipes, sewers, culverts and many difficult to reach areas.

It can also be used with high-pressure water jets for widening cracks using cold cutting without changing the structure of the material.  This system is also advantageous for breaking up soil and removing it with the vacuum being ideal for post-hole digging, sewer jetting and pit cleaning.

During environmental disasters this is a quick solution for clearing debris, oil spills and mud. The special design of the wand digs any soil structure type with little effort from the operator, who is specially trained to use this equipment. This is a quick solution for problems at hospitals, airports and other essential places of service during storms, floods, accidents or other environmental catastrophes.

This innovative tool saves time and costly manual labour and is a very advanced solution for many projects.  Safety issues including fatigue and injury as well as environmental risks are greatly reduced.

Services and advantages for vacuum excavation include:

  • Reinforced steel and rods can be de-scaled and not damaged
  • Faster than mechanical methods
  • Protects assets by avoiding structural damage
  • Suppression of dust and noise reduction
  • Pot-holing
  • Mud removal
  • Construction and building site clean ups
  • Water and sewer line repairs
  • Clearing blocked pipes or pipelines
  • Catchment and drain cleaning
  • Removing factory waste
  • Emergency spills
  • Removing heavy debris
  • Replacement of pipes and fittings
  • Renovation of gas or water pipes and cables
  • Railway trackside maintenance
  • Cleaning blocked gutters and gullies
  • Leaf, woodchip and gravel removal
  • Manhole clearing
  • Removal of wet and dry materials
  • Use in mining areas
  • Underground camera use for pipe inspections
  • Horizontal or vertical drilling jobs
  • Tree root removal
  • Tunneling under trees, walls or driveways
  • Trenching for tree root barrier installations

This unique vacuum has become the best practice for removal of soil, debris, stone, sand and rubble at construction sites and for remediation work.  Fuel stations and power distribution sites are using this as the preferred practice in industrial facilities such as chemical manufacturing and refineries. Cross contamination is eliminated due to no transporting of materials or liquids.

Vacuum excavation can also be used to expose underground services with ground probing radars. This technology is non-destructive, safe and used instead of manual digging or using mini-diggers, which are sometimes inaccessible to some areas.  Test holes are performed to find existing structures to identify any conflicts during maintenance.

Electro-magnetic equipment is used to locate many underground utilities such as fiber optics, traffic light foundations, storm water drains, wastewater pipes, telephone cables and streetlight foundations. A geophysical method uses radar pulses to see images beneath the surface. Objects can be detected through ice, rock, soil, structures and pavements.  Changes or damage in materials can also be detected.  There is less threat to cables and pipes being damaged as you can observe the image before you begin the excavation.  With manual labour what lies beneath remains undetected.

This innovative equipment is the best solution for all your drilling and cleaning jobs and ensures that the area is cleaned during the digging process.  The two methods available are air vacuum excavation, which uses a high velocity air steam to penetrate and break up the soil or water vacuum excavation, which uses high-pressure water to break up the soil and a vacuum device to collect the material.

Why use our service?

  • Cost effective
  • Fast solution
  • Less disruption to normal activity
  • Removed substance is taken away
  • Site is left clean and clear
  • Experienced and trained operators
  • Up-to-date technology used
  • Safety guidelines adhered to
  • Environment protected

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