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Expert Service Locating is a commercial and residential underground utility locating company. Our experts know the intricacies of every process and provide professional services, delivering results combined with quality work and value.

We strive to be the best in the utility location industry and specialise in Cable and Pipe locating, Power Line locating, Gas Line locating as well as Sewer and Water Line locating.

12 years Experience

We have a total of 12 years experience in the service locating industry and in that time, we have established a long list of satisfied customers in our niche.

Our clientele stretches from Northern NSW to Brisbane and beyond, including some of the biggest companies of Australia. Highly efficient and cost-effective services combine to make us the leading choice for the some of biggest construction contractors across Australia.

Skill and Expertise

Having spent over a decade in the industry has allowed us to develop skills and expertise that enables us to make use of some of the most advanced equipment and techniques that helps us provide a wide variety of service and utility location.

Industry Reputation

Expert Service Locating is recognised for delivering the best possible outcomes for all underground utility service locating. The size of your project does not matter, we can tackle all situations regardless of the complexity. Our experienced team of technicians assures that we can take care of all of your service location projects.

Our technicians are completely equipped with traditional as well as the latest know-how of underground utility locating technologies. Our services are fully insured and we are also certified and recognised by Telstra. So if you want to get your job done by an experienced set of professionals then contact us immediately!

So don’t waste any time, acquire our services now! Give us a call at 0420-346-477 to find out more.

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