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What is underground utility locating?

Underground utility locating is a process in which public and private utility mains which remain underground are indentified and marked out.

Since all of these various sorts of underground lines are manufactured using a vast variety of materials, high-tech and advanced methods are required for detection and location.

Especially due to the fact that most maps that you will find will lack the pinpoint precision that is necessary in order to ensure precise clearance.

This is specifically harder in older cities, since they are bound to have maps which are inaccurate or missing entirely.

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We Offer Underground Utility Locating Solutions

Expert Service Locating is Australia’s leading specialist in all divisions of underground utility location and service locating. We offer the most phenomenal services when it comes to locating underground services and rank among the top utility locating companies in the country. The quality of our work is well-known as we are a household name in the industry. We provide you the knowledge of what is underground and enable you to dig with confidence!

Knowing about all the underground utilities and their location on your property is essential and should always be the first step you take before doing any heavy tasks such as drilling, grading, digging or building design. Being knowledgeable about the fact that what is underground on your job-site or property will make a world of difference for you and provide you the confidence to carry out all of your tasks precisely. You will also prevent damage, injury and high repair costs through this and complete your entire project successfully.

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We offer a wide variety of services including:

We assure you that we will provide you a highly experienced staff that will carry out the entire process accordingly in a very professional manner. Our prestigious reputation speaks for itself as we have been in the underground utility locating industry for over 12 years. We are Telstra accredited and fully insured, and also have a secure knowledge of the country’s underground infrastructure. There is no doubt that we will assist you in carrying out your project with assurance of success.

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