What is Cable and Pipe Locating?

The task of locating cable and pipe lines underground revolves around searching for any lines that may be present underneath the Earth but still unknown to everyone else. These mains may include telephones and electricity distribution, the latter which can be very harmful. Since metal pipes, buried cable lines and pipe lines are all made using various kinds of materials, it is necessary to be well-equipped with the right tools and instruments to carry out the process of locating cable lines underground.

The process of cable and pipe lines locating revolves around a transmitter which connects and conducts a signal current through the cable and pipe electrically. The whole procedure consists of sending signals into the ground and locating utilities upon the return of these signals back to the transmitter. The wetness of soil doesn’t necessarily play a major role in this process as compared to the GPR procedure. In fact, wet soil enhances the signals of electromagnetic locating equipment and makes the locating process easier.

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We are among Australia’s pioneers of cable and pipe locators. We have specialists that know how to handle all sorts of underground cable and pipe location tasks. This is due to their experience and hardworking mentality. Furthermore, we offer state of the art equipment in such processes, including electromagnetic equipment that makes the task even easier and efficient. With 12 years of experience in the industry, we rank among the country’s leading cable and pipe locating companies with an unparalleled service quality.

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We are certified and acknowledged by Telstra as to providing safe and sound services. We are further fully insured to assure you of no financial lost whatsoever during or after the service.
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